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Interest bit
October 18, 2008, 4:24 am
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Hey everyone,

I heard about a program in South Africa where they have joined 3 ventilated shipping containers to create classrooms in poor areas.


Interesting facts about Bamboo
October 12, 2008, 4:26 am
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Did you know?

Bamboo is one of the earth’s fastest growing plants and releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent timber. Bamboo needs no replanting, grows without fertilizers or pesticides with an astounding growth cycle of 3 – 5 years compared to 15 – 20 years for most timbers.


(I got this from the Smiggle bag so I can’t take credit)

Brilliant idea from the 20/20 summit
April 20, 2008, 9:05 am
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Hi everyone,


I heard the best idea from the 20/20 summit. The government could allow students or pass students do community service to reduce their HEC debt.

I think this is the best thing ever and I really hope it comes to life.



Pixar University
April 6, 2008, 2:37 am
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My group have been researching about community and education and I found that Pixar in America are leading the way in development for their employees.

Pixar University is an in-house professional-development program that expands the concept of employee education by broadening its focus from skills training to a more general fine-arts education[10]. The program offers more than 110 courses: a complete filmmaking curriculum, classes on painting, drawing, sculpting and creative writing, which usually last four to sixteen weeks. These classes are available not only for animators, but everyone, from the security guard to cafeteria chef[11].

In this setting, employees are allowed to miss work for a full slate in classes (about 14 per week) to raise the level of the best, cross-train, and develop mastery in whatever subjects may interest them[11]. The vision behind the university is for employees to try new things, work together better and test new ideas, but one of the most important benefits from the program is to build morale, spirit and communication among employees[10].

The dean of Pixar University, Randy S. Nelson, explains: “We’ve made the leap from an idea-centered business to a people-centered business. Instead of developing ideas, we develop people. Instead of investing in ideas, we invest in people. We’re trying to create a culture of learning, filled with lifelong learners. It’s no trick for talented people to be interesting, but it’s a gift to be interested. We want an organization filled with interested people[11].”

Sound like the kind of environment you would want to work in.


Book Covers
April 6, 2008, 2:34 am
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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to recommend a cool website on book cover design.


Interesting Stuff from my research
March 24, 2008, 10:30 am
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A few bits and pieces from my researchUniversity funding from the Federal Government has been reduced by 30% between 1996 – 2004. Compared to the rest of the world that has increased funding by 48%.Australia does well in research. Australia only makes up 0.3% of the world population but produces 2% of the world research.The recent apology to the Aboriginal was highlight by a stat that say 21% of kid in the NT reach a grade 5 reading standard compared to 89% for the rest of Australia.The Rudd government is purposing high speed broadband for everyone which would make the internet 100 times faster. I view that the Rudd government are now treating the internet like bread and milk and that it should be available to everyone for cheap.There is a new thing in Marketing called neuromarketing where they track brainwave while making purchases and have found that men really ain’t into products that use sex as a tool but just blue runners instead. Lastly Alan Jones who has his own talk radio and has been know to say the wrong thing  ie Cronulla riots/ Cash for comment still is able to broadcast its not what you say its who your friends are.

Tuesday night’s lecture 11/03
March 15, 2008, 7:42 am
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I found that Tuesday night lecture made me very angry. Not because of what was said it was the way it was presented.It came across as anyone who had a large house and lived in the suburbs was bad and anyone who live in small apartment in the city was good.The comparison to London was a little misconceiving in regards to greenhouse gas. Firstly London have a excellent transport system where you leave you house you are in walking distance to a bus stop or train station that can get you anywhere. The bus’s and train’s come every couple of minutes to keep everyone moving unlike here where you can been left waiting for up to 40 minutes.  Also you can get places faster via public transport in London than you can in Melbourne.  My suggestion is this that they multiplex (several stories) all the train station car parks because most car park fill before 7am turning most people off. Add some security for young women and teenagers who can feel unsafe after dark. Lastly add more trains to the timetable. If this works people might see that they can get places faster on public transport.Now my rant about the ‘burbs. I think its wrong to tell a group of young people that living in a large house is greedy. (Especially when we are sitting in a design school in the middle of Prahran.) Firstly most people move to the suburbs to raise there children. Also to feel secure, not have their car stolen or drug dealers hanging around the playground. Look at all the news reports about the violence in the city. Do you really want to live there? Also you wouldn’t have a backyard.We are lucky to live in country with a large amount of land I don’t think we all need like Japan yet. To quote Bono compromise is not a dirty word.